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just policies. 

gender equality.

sustainable development.

equitable growth.


Nonurbanism is a social movement that generates ideas and solutions that purvey to all lands that are not urbanized yet.  Our work is presented as policy frameworks, development strategies, business models, and all-inclusive innovative solutions for rural and small towns. With the world's central focus being on urban lands and its development, the non-urban lands are let to fend for their own. This is a movement that analyses the strengths of such societies: the farming, fishing villages, and the general countryside.


The argument entails, while we still need smart cities, eco-cities, and the likes that are focused on overall economic development and global superpower objectives, we need separate structures at the national and trans-national levels that focus on specificities and strengths of smaller regions. Our movement stresses the need to focus on a model that considers the social and ethical as much as the spatial and economic growth.


Whatever your skill may be,  you can use it for the nonurban. Find below the many divisions under which we work.

NU Fellowships

Are you a professional who wants to research, innovate and solve the many problems of the  nonurban lands of the world? 

Join us as we add nonurban advocates
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